Market of IRAN

Iran is an Islamic republic on the Persian Gulf with historical sites dating to the Persian Empire, where there is significant opportunity. A country with a vast natural resource endowment and home to 81m people, many of them highly educated, should rank among the world’s most exciting emerging markets.
Already, Iran is comfortably in the world’s 30 largest economies in dollar terms, and among the top 20 when adjusted to local living standards. Along with natural commodities, the country also boasts a largely literate, highly-skilled population – its numerous universities long-producing a steady stream of scientists and engineers.
It’s also clear that Iran is well-placed to regain its traditional role as a trading hub, with a huge, often multi-lingual population, it’s a natural gateway to a broader 300m-strong regional market. In fact, as a natural transit region between Europe, Asia and Middle East, Iran is very much part of “the New Silk Road” – an idea increasingly popular in the minds of large institutional investors.