Exhibitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile

Some of the products and technology which is expected to be displayed by exhibitors include:

(These profiles are not exhaustive and are meant to be a guide)

Audio & Sound Group:

  • A variety of audio recording and playback equipment
  • Audio Rack
  • Sound recording equipment and sound
  • Suitable for acoustic and sound
  • Conference systems, muezzin and simultaneous translation
  • Studios
  • A variety of instruments and musical instruments

Multimedia Group:

  • Digital Media
  • Applications, software and services create a variety of Menu and Auto Run
  • Sites and social networks
  • Mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and accessories
  • approved radio and television stations and networks c. A. Iran
  • Software and hardware for video editing
  • editing software and duplicate images
  • Equipment for the production and proliferation of CD
  • Computer games and cultural products
  • Institutions film and visual media
  • Mobile unit (SNG)

Video & Image

  • A variety of domestic and industrial displays
  • Cameras, accessories and other imaging equipment
  • Digital receiver and transmitter
  • Stunts and special effects tools
  • Film and cinema accessories
  • Lighting and stage equipment
  • Decor and equipment staged
  • Surveillance equipment and Transmitters

Equipment and Related Services

  • Publishing houses and cultural works of art
  • Artistic groups
  • A variety of wires, cables, connectors and electronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Schools and vocational skills training for service centers
  • Artistic skills training services
  • Specialized publications
  • Organizations active in the field of domestic and international standards
  • Banks, insurance companies and financial institutions and credit
  • Businessmen
  • Customs clearance and practitioners reputable contractors
  • Legal institutions