Terms & Conditions of Receiving Visa of Iran

– Through referring to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran, you make take visa of Iran for the foreign nationals; nevertheless, in case of fulfilling this task by one of the licensed travel agencies, it is not required for referring to different organizations and the process of issuing visa is significantly reduced

– By using this method an invitation letter is mailed on behalf of agency for the invitee and in case of approval of government of Islamic Republic of Iran for receiving visa, the code of invitation letter in announced to the passenger by the travel agency and the invitee through referring to consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran and offering this code shall be permissible to receive its visa
– The Iranian visa shall be valid for 60 days and passengers and guests shall be permissible to reside in Iran until 30 days and in case of approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran, this term may be extended to 60 days
– Duration of fulfilling the stage of receiving tourist invitation letter (visa of Iran) is 3 or 4 working days
– Place of receiving visa shall be determined by the guests
– Government of Islamic Republic of Iran shall be permissible to either accept or reject the visa application of foreign nationals
– Residence over than the specified duration mentioned in visa of Iran shall be regarded as violation of rules and regulations of Iran
– Persons holding the visa of Iran upon entering to Iran shall observe the rules and regulations of Iran
Terms and Conditions of Receiving Visa of Iran for Foreign and Non-Iranian Nationals
Required Documents for Receiving Visa of Iran:
1- The identifications of inviter (host in Iran), colored scan of first page of ID Card (Birth Certificate) of inviter (host in Iran), National Code of inviter (host in Iran),
2- The identifications of invitee (guest), colored scan of passport of invitee (guest) and determining residence of invitee (guest)
3-Tourist invitation letter of Iran shall be valid for 1 month since date of issue
4- Paying amount of $30
In case of lack of having host in Iran, the travel agency may be regarded as your host and offer service to you
Who Needs to Receive Visa of Iran?
All passengers intending for traveling to Iran except passengers of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia (FYROM) does not require to receive visa of Iran; nevertheless, other passengers shall receive visa through travel agencies
Airport Visa
This is another form of visa that is issued for tourists upon fulfilling legal stages and administrative formalities. This type of visa is issued upon approval of agent of Islamic Republic of Iran and may be even rejected by the government
Airport visa may not be issued under following terms and conditions:
– Holders of diplomatic and service passports
– Foreign news reporters traveling to Iran with the purpose of press activities
– All applicants that their visa application was rejected
– Iranian nationals and their children have foreign passport; nevertheless, they have yet left their Iranian nationality
– According to the residence of the guests, the nearest consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran may be selected for issuing visa
– Issuing or rejecting this invitation letter shall be decided by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran and the travel agency is not responsible about this issue
– Issuing this invitation letter is not regarded as issuing visa of Iran and the guests upon receiving this invitation letter shall personally refer to the Embassy of Iran
– Through receiving this invitation letter, the passenger may receive the tourist visa of Iran with validity of 3 months and residence of 30 days
– Place of issuing visa may be selected as Imam Khomeini International Airport and in this way the guests upon entering to Imam Khomeini International Airport may receive their 15 days visa
– Until further notice the airport visa is not issued for Indian nationals; therefore, the place of issuing visa in the invitation letter of tourist visa of Iran shall be specified as one of the consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran in abroad
– All Afghan nationals living in Afghanistan or other places shall personally refer to the consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran in the country of their residence for receiving visa of Iran. Therefore, no action is taken in order to receive invitation letter for tourist visa of Iran for Afghan nationals.

Required Documents for Business Visa of Iran

– Completing an application form of issuing visa
– Invitation letter for business or working partner
– Scan of valid passport of applicant by having minimum 6 months validity

Duration of investigating to the visa application is 5 working days.
The consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran in abroad in case of necessity may demand from applicant for referring to consulate to have interview
According to specific terms and conditions of issuing multiple visa, offering application for Iranian business or working partner and application of local company is necessary and in case of requirement upon negotiation with managers of aforesaid company, the duly action is taken.
Offering documents does not create any obligation for granting visa and the response for visa issuing application may be offered in the duly deadline.
In case of rejecting visa application, the consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran shall offer its reasons of rejecting visa
The cost of issuing business visa of Iran is $80

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